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By following the instructions below, you are installing the synapseclient, synapseutils and the command line client.


The synapseclient package is available from PyPI. It can be installed or upgraded with pip. Due to the nature of Python, we highly recommend you set up your python environment with conda or pyenv and create virtual environments to control your Python dependencies for your work.

  • conda: Please follow instructions here to manage environments:
conda create -n synapseclient python=3.9
conda activate synapseclient
(sudo) pip install (--upgrade) synapseclient[pandas, pysftp]
  • pyenv: Use virtualenv to manage your python environment:
pyenv install -v 3.9.13
pyenv global 3.9.13
python -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
(sudo) python3 -m pip3 install (--upgrade) synapseclient[pandas, pysftp]

The dependencies on pandas and pysftp are optional. The Synapse synapseclient.table feature integrates with Pandas. Support for sftp is required for users of SFTP file storage. Both require native libraries to be compiled or installed separately from prebuilt binaries.


Source code and development versions are available on Github. Installing from source:

git clone
cd synapsePythonClient

You can stay on the master branch to get the latest stable release or check out the develop branch or a tagged revision:

git checkout <branch or tag>

Next, either install the package in the site-packages directory pip install . or pip install -e . to make the installation follow the head without having to reinstall:

pip install .