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The Synapse Python client can be configured either programmatically or by using a configuration file.

The default configuration file does not need to be modified for most use-cases.

When installing the Synapse Python client, the .synapseConfig is added to your home directory. This configuration file is used to store a number of configuration options, including your Synapse authtoken, cache, and multi-threading settings.

A full example .synapseConfig can be found in the github repository.

.synapseConfig sections


See details on this section in the authentication document.


Your downloaded files are cached to avoid repeat downloads of the same file. Change 'location' to use a different folder on your computer as the cache location


Configuring these will cause the Python client to use these as Synapse service endpoints instead of the default prod endpoints.


Settings to configure how Synapse uploads/downloads data.

You may also set the max_threads programmatically via:

import synapseclient
syn = synapseclient.login()
syn.max_threads = 10