Synapse command line client

The Synapse Python Client can be used from the command line via the synapse command.


The command line client is installed along with installation of the Synapse Python client.


For help, type:

synapse -h.

For help on specific commands, type:

synapse [command] -h

Optional arguments

-h, --help            show this help message and exit
--version             show program's version number and exit
                    Username used to connect to Synapse
                    Password used to connect to Synapse


  • get - download an entity and associated data

  • sync - Synchronize files described in a manifest to Synapse

  • store - uploads and adds a file to Synapse

  • store-table - uploads a table to Syanpse given a csv

  • add - add or modify content to Synapse

  • mv - move a dataset in Synapse

  • cp - copy an entity/dataset in Synapse

  • associate - Associate local files with the files stored in Synapse so

    that calls to ‘syntapse get’ and ‘synapse show’ don’t re-download the files, but use the already existing file.

  • delete - removes a dataset from Synapse

  • query - performs SQL like queries on Synapse

  • submit - submit an entity for evaluation

  • show - displays information about a Entity

  • cat - prints a dataset from Synapse

  • list - List Synapse entities contained by the given Project or

    Folder. Note: May not be supported in future versions of the client.

  • set-provenance - create provenance records

  • get-provenance - show provenance records

  • set-annotations - create annotations

  • get-annotations - show annotations

  • create - Creates folders or projects on Synapse

  • onweb - opens Synapse website for Entity

  • login - login to Synapse and (optionally) cache credentials

  • test-encoding - test character encoding to help diagnose problems